Joy by Osho
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  • Date : 6/19/2019
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Joy by Osho

One of the greatest spiritual teachers of the 20th century will inspire us to experience and appreciate both the joys and sorrows of joy. Joy:  Happiness that comes from within.

 With a clever blend of compassion and humor, Osho shows us that joy is the essence of life, and even unhappiness is rooted in joy. He encourages us to live, accept joy by appreciating the challenges and opportunities of life, and find good things in everything we have conditions of happiness. Or make a request. By accepting joy, one approaches a true, peaceful, and balanced state.

 Osho encourages readers to explore and release conditional belief systems and prejudices that limit their ability to enjoy a rich life. He was one of the "1000 Producers of the 20th Century" by The Sunday Times in London, and by Sunday Mid-Day (India), alongside Gandhi, Nehru, and Buddha, the men who changed the face of India. Explained as one person. Since he died in 1990, the influence of his teachings has grown to reach seekers of all ages in almost every country in the world.

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