Choice Theory by William Glasser M.D
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  • Date : 2/14/2022
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Choice Theory by William Glasser M.D

William Glaser's Choice Theory is a non-fiction book on success first published in 1998. The author, himself a successful psychiatrist, in this book, is based on over 50 years of experience, introduces a mindset that, if institutionalized within individuals, will eliminate people's ability to deal with each other, which is the cause of all differences. In this book, he explains that to progress in human relationships, you must let go of destructive behaviors like punishment and control that cause relationships to fall apart. Glaser suggests that if you're unhappy in a relationship right now, it's because one or both of you are using an externally controlling mentality and can only get out of this trap by using the teachings of the assigned person. He believes that feeling miserable is always directly related to dissatisfaction in relationships, and contrary to popular belief, people's problems are always in the present, not the past. 
Dr. Robert Lefebvre, director of Pramis Medical Center, praises choice theory: “Choice theory is unique in both its idea and its presentation. "This book is phenomenal in terms of  clarity and insight, and it can be very helpful in clinical research." 


About Dr. William Glaser, author of The Theory of Choice: The New Psychology of Individual Freedom:

William Glaser is a famous American psychiatrist born in 1925 in Ohio. Glaser has written extensively on mental health, counseling, school improvement, and education, and has sold more than 1.5 million copies. Until 1970, Glaser presented his experiments as control theory, but in 1996 the structure of his work theory changed and his work became known as choice theory. 
William Glaser died in 2013 of lung disease. His influential books include Positive Addiction, Staying Together, and Reality Therapy in Action.

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Choice Theory