About Us

About us

Jangal Publication, based in Tehran-Iran established in 1989, is a major publishing company in privet sector of Iran. It is specialized in English language learning, translation, teaching, literature, and linguistics. We have a lot of experiences in this field of publishing. According to the international standards, it has published and distributed different books in many languages such as English, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, etc… Our products are exported to these countries: Spain, England, China, Germany, Turkey, Qatar, Iraq, the Emirates, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Russia. Last but not the least, the publishing services provide strategic advices and solutions to meet the content marketing needs of customers. Jangal’s publishing services are as below:

  • Publishing varieties of ELT course books according to the CEFR standards.
  • Publishing books on language standardized tests like SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge ESOL tests (CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, and KET).
  • Publishing academic textbooks from famous publications in the field of teaching, linguistics, literature, and translation
  • Publishing novels (full text) and short stories of the famous publishers
  • Printing educational supplements like posters and flash cards
  • Printing any kind of books, notebooks, magazine, calendar, prospectus, catalogs, and etc.
  • Customizing your orders based on your needs 

It should be noted that Jangal Publications has the potential to print in any quantity from one to unlimited number with the best quality.

Jangal Printing and Publishing Complex has been in the field of publishing for over a quarter of a century, and with years of experience it is now one of the most complete print collections in the entire country whose design, form Includes packaging, lithography, bookbinding and post-print services.
This complete, coherent collection of over 6,000 square meters with over 500 print personnel covering all production sectors together, that decline at many false costs such as high shipping and handling costs during production. It has always been able to respond to the needs of its customers and partners with the motto of high quality, low price and high speed, as well as reaching out to international and neighboring countries and adding to its loyal and constant customer list.

Types of Jangal printing house & publishing institute services
print any kind of catalog, magazine, visiting card etc... And all printed products with your style & design

Some activities of Jangal Printing house:

  • Printing
  • Plate center lithography
  • Wire, glue, spiral binding and using hard cover 
  • Preparing file for printing process

Capabilities of Jangal printing and binding complex
Introducing press sections

  1. Order section
  2. Design section
  3. Type, typesetting, layout by expert editing team
  4. Lithography, binding, before and after printing services

Part of the capabilities, devices, facilities and services of the printing house


  1. lithography 4/5 Machine 
  2. Plate center online magnos machine(70*100) 

Printing House:

  1. A machinery of printing Heidelberg 4.5 sheets, 5 colors with cd lacquer
  2. A machinery of printing Heidelberg 5.4 sheets, 5 colors
  3. Two machineries of Heidelberg 5.4 sheets, 4 colors
  4. Four machineries of Heidelberg 5.4 sheets, 2 colors zp
  5. A machinery of printing Heidelberg 2 sheets, zp colors
  6. Two machineries of Heidelberg GTO size, 4 colors
  7. Two machineries of Heidelberg printing letter press


  1. Six machineries of polar cut 115 and a cut machinery and helenberg 3 sided cut
  2. Eleven machineries of folding
  3. Three machineries of binding arrangement
  4. Two machineries of full line of wire
  5. Three machineries of adhesive line of Panda Moller martiny with 3 sided cut
  6. Three machineries of polygraph binding 
  7. Two machineries of binding moller martiny
  8. The full line of hardening
  9. Three machineries of UV and a machinery of cellophane
  10. Full line of packaging, seven machineries of packaging

A Look at the Areas of Jangal Publishing Activity:

  1.  All levels of teaching foreign languages
  2. International Exams such as GRE, IELTS, TOEFL etc.
  3. General and Specialized bilingual dictionaries in many fields such as engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.
  4. Law, economic, Financial Manager, accounting, computer, psychology and educational affairs

-    Co-operation with authentic institutes
-    Co-operation with all bookstores and distributor
-    set up general and specialized book fairs in Ministries halls and export to these countries: Iraq- Iraqi Kurdistan- Afghanistan-Syria- Azerbaijan- Armenia- Persian Gulf States …

Some of our services to you dear one

  • print any kind of books and precious work
  • Print any kinds of Notebooks for Schools, advertising and gift 
  • Print all types of calendars (wall calendar- Desk calendar- pocket calendar etc...)


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