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  • Date : 1/1/2019
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Cambridge English Complete IELTS B2 Book for IELTS Exam

Students who want to study at a university will find a combination of contemporary classroom practice and stimulating topics in Complete IELTS.

Throughout this course, students will receive detailed information, advice, and practice to ensure they are completely prepared for the IELTS exam. The Complete IELTS course uses the Cambridge English Corpus and contains a variety of examples and exercises that address key IELTS exam preparation topics. Depending on the band the student is aiming for, students should select the appropriate level.

Key features

  • A writing reference helps students develop all the writing skills they need for the IELTS exam.
  • Further grammar and vocabulary examples are provided in the Language Reference.
  • Each unit ends with a revision unit meant to evaluate students' progress and to recycle grammar and vocabulary.
  • The IELTS examination requires the development of all speaking skills.

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