Winning by Jack Welch
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  • Date : 10/23/2022
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Winning by Jack Welch


Challenges and Solutions to Progress:

This book is divided into six parts, four main sections, and two subsections. 
The book's two subsections, essentially the introduction and the answers to the scattered questions, form the opening and concluding chapters of the book.

The main content of the book is presented in 4 main parts:

1. Recalling the general and basic principles of management

2. Points related to the internal management of the organization position

3. Points and issues related to the competitive environment, ie the external environment of the organization

4. Issues related to professional development vision, openness and transparency, respect Respect for the dignity of all group members, and their differences discussed.

The next section, internal management of the organization, covers important points such as organizational leadership, recruitment, people management, difficulties, and problems of the inevitable separation of co-workers. business, crisis management, and response management.

The Winning Book examines topics such as strategy, budgeting, organizational growth, acquisitions, and mergers in the competitive environment section. This three-part introduction is entirely expected from a senior executive like Jack Welch. But the fourth part is the turning point of the book, which has greatly helped in its completion. In this section, ie your career path, instead of looking at the entire organization, focuses on one person within the organization; One reads this book and seeks to climb the ladder of growth and advancement in a large group. In addition, how to determine job fit, how to deal with bad bosses, challenges and solutions for organizational progress and advancement, as well as work balance work, and life are part of the topics covered in this section.


Organizational Management:

A quote from Warren Buffett featured on the cover of this book: “You'll never need another management book."

In such an interpretation, of course, a slight emphasis and exaggeration can be felt, regardless of the book in question. But based on these definitions, one can more or less judge the reliability of the book and conclude that it is no ordinary management book. Bill Gates also notes the importance of this book and finds it useful to everyone, from college graduates to senior executives. The book's introduction will explain the process of formation and birth of the book. In this episode, the author explains that since retiring, he has attended hundreds of seminars and answered questions from the participants. Some of the questions are directly related to the management and leadership of the organization, and others relate to aspects of his personal life. By categorizing these questions and grouping them into answers, Jack Welch wrote the book Victory The book has received rave reviews from Fortune, Business Week, and Financial Times.

This book, first published in April 2005, was able to get a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon and 3.8 on Goodreads and sold over 440,000 copies in six months, thus becoming a unique book in the field of business.


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