How Full Is Your Bucket by Don Clifton
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  • Date : 5/14/2022
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How Full Is Your Bucket by Don Clifton

After the Korean War, Major Dr. Behnam conducted a search for 1,000 American POWs in a camp in North Korea. He went on to become America's foremost military psychoanalyst, studying the most severe and violent psychological effects of war on a variety of individuals. These soldiers are not confined in very cruel and unnatural prisons. They had enough food and water and were not subjected to the usual tortures of the time. But many of them lost their lives! Dr. William has discovered a new disease among the captives, and that is despair. At that time, the soldiers stayed in the room for hours, looking around in despair,  in this world still thinking that their efforts were futile. They died instantly with this method. Dr. William concluded that the psychological torture used by the Koreans was far more powerful than any weapon of war. 

The book How Full Is Your Bucket proves to you that a positive and correct attitude is one of the important principles of success in life. Each of us has an invisible bucket. This bucket is constantly filled or emptied by the occupation or behavior of others and the things we do ourselves. We feel good when our bucket is full, but we don't feel good when it's empty. If our bucket is full, like a full cup, it makes our vision positive and powerful. On the other hand, an empty barrel reduces our energy and weakens our will.  How Full Is Your Bucket has all the hallmarks of a timeless classic. This book helps the reader to reinforce positive emotions in his life and those around him and make lasting changes in his emotions. The book was also on the New York Times bestseller list. 

"This short, thought-provoking book shows audiences how lives can be changed by using positive psychology in everyday interactions," says Publishers Weekly. 
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, How Full Is Your Bucket contains helpful trivia that managers should pay attention to. "This work is a well-researched, powerful, and engaging guide to improved self-esteem, better relationships, and health,"  People Management magazine writes. 
 According to Martin Walsh, executive director of the Society for Human Resource Management SHRM, this short story is a treasure trove of scientific wisdom and advice rooted in fundamental research that transforms people's Read about life, work, and the world. "This work by Tom Roth is powerful and engaging, and it has simple language," said Lee Williams, executive director of African American Women. "Its encouraging message has a spiritual quality, and  it is based on decades of research." 
 This motivational book is rated 4.6 out of 5 by Amazon and 3.9 from Goodreads and is recommended for anyone who needs a big life change.

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How Full Is Your Bucket?