IELTS Writing Package 7+ Academic-General by Sajjad Fathi
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  • Date : 2/12/2022
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IELTS Writing Package 7+ Academic-General by Sajjad Fathi

The writing part of the IELTS test is always one of the most difficult. The author of this book, after many years teaching English writing at prestigious universities and teaching IELTS courses to candidates at prestigious centers, has felt the emptiness of a comprehensive source. all IELTS Academic and General Writing topics. So he decided to use the IELTS Writing Kit to show the different spellings of different sentences and introduce learners to their structure.  Writing tasks 1 and 2 are fully covered in the book, and practical examples are provided to make sentence structure easy to understand. It also prepares learners to write a paper to help students score above 7 on the test. So if you are looking for a complete overview of IELTS Academic and General writing tips, this book is a valuable suggestion. 
 What does the IELTS Writing Package (+7) teach? 
 This book consists of three sections that comprehensively cover all academic writing topics 1 & 2 and General IELTS. In the first part, Academic IELTS Writing Task 1, there are 9 lessons. These courses teach the process of writing, vocabulary, grammar, and evaluation criteria for a graph chart report, and include dozens of examples with a score above 7. There is also a method to rewrite sentences and sentences and choose the appropriate paragraph structure in this section. In the second chapter, IELTS General  Writing Task 1, IELTS General Correspondence is presented with a total of 8 lessons and provides dozens of examples of formal, informal, and semi-formal letter types with scores above 7. Words, sentences, are useful and practical. Phrases are also highlighted in this chapter. The third chapter, called IELTS Writing Task 2, teaches Task 2 in 8 lessons and is divided into IELTS Academic and General. This section teaches the skill of writing an IELTS 4 paragraph and its assessment criteria. It also showcases a wide range of articles and provides 40 very successful examples. 

Advantages of IELTS Writing Package (+7) compared to other textbooks 

One of the important points of the IELTS Writing Package (+7) is that it can be self-study and learners can use the lectures of it without tutoring at home.

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IELTS Writing Package 7+ Academic-General