The Shadow and Bone Trilogy 1 to 3 - Packed
The Shadow and Bone Trilogy 1 to 3 - Packed 6 2
  • Date : 9/12/2021
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The Shadow and Bone Trilogy 1 to 3 - Packed

Shadow and Bone Collection Go to Rauca and join the wizards and political games of this war-torn land. Follow the story of Alina, the luminous saint who suddenly changes her life without returning. If you enjoy fantasy and magic stories, do not miss this English novel.

An epic adventure of war and witchcraft in the summary of the trilogy Shadow and Bone
Once upon a time, in the land of Ravka, which was once integrated, there was a valley of endless shadows and darkness, full of bloodthirsty monsters. The valley that divides this vast land into two parts, making crossing to the other side dangerous and sometimes impossible. Rauca, on the other hand, is besieged by enemies and on the verge of disintegration. The fate of the country is tied to a refugee girl.

 Alina Starkov is an ordinary but fearless girl who serves in the Rauka Army and is a surveyor. But when his group is sent on a dangerous mission to the Sea of ​​Shadows, his world changes. While crossing the Sea of ​​Shadows, Alina and her companions are attacked in their vehicle, and their dearest friend is severely injured. Just then a dormant power awakens in Alina that saves her friend's life. A great power that can save its war-torn country.

Alina is separated from her friends and normal life and taken to the royal court to be educated and become a member of the Grisha cult and the mysterious wizard elite under Darkling. But nothing in this glamorous world is as it seems. Darkness is becoming more and more powerful and threatening, and the whole country is looking forward to Alina and her power. He must remove the veils of falsehood and understand the secrets of the Grisha sect, and that is when he must decide his own destiny. In this thrilling trilogy, you will read the story of Alina and her adventures in Rauca, how she transforms from an ordinary girl and a surveyor into a saint of the ancient land.

Shadow and Bone is a fantasy trilogy, also known as the Grisha trilogy, and is the first published collection by a popular American author. This collection of books was published in 2012, 2013, and 2014. In these books, the reader is accompanied by Alina Starkov, a seemingly ordinary girl with hidden talents who, along with other characters such as Mel and Darkling, create an epic adventure.

 The Shadow and Bone trilogy has been nominated for numerous awards in various years, including the Pennsylvania Young Readers' Choice Award, the Lincoln Award, and the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award. The popularity of this series of books was so high on social networks and among book lovers that it attracted the attention of Netflix and in 2021 made a series based on this series of books.


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The Shadow and Bone Trilogy 1 to 3 - Packed