Get Ready for IELTS Speaking Pre-Intermediate English IELTS Book
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  • Date : 1/1/2019
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Get Ready for IELTS Speaking Pre-Intermediate 

This book is written for candidates with a score of 3 to 5.5 who want to improve their score. By reading this book, you will get acquainted with the basics of speaking on the IELTS test in 12 lessons, and with the classified exercises, you can get good preparation for the main test.


Twelve units of carefully graded material for lower-level students, all supported with clear examples
Key IELTS grammar and vocabulary for the IELTS Speaking test provided in each unit
Regular exam tips and information in each unit
‘Watch out!’ Sections that highlight common errors made by learners in the IELTS Speaking test
Four review units to check and consolidate understanding of key language and skills for the IELTS Speaking test
Complete IELTS Speaking practice test, answer keys, audio scripts, and audio CD provided
       • Vocabulary glossary for each unit provided at the back of the book

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Get Ready for IELTS Speaking Pre-Intermediate