Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate English IELTS Book
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  • Date : 1/1/2019
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Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate

Students can avoid a number of the mistakes they make in exams by reading this book, which highlights mistakes they make in writing exams. Thousands of exam scripts were analyzed to determine which areas were problematic. Student's proficiency in the language is enhanced by well-explained exercises. Students may also take regular tests as a way of reviewing and consolidating what they have learned. Learners really make these mistakes, and how to avoid them. Thousands of exam scripts were analyzed. Focus on the key problems, in short, snappy explanations. It contains questions similar to those in exams. 

Each unit begins with an identification of the error, a description of how to fix it, and then a practice exercise.

It is possible to test yourself to be sure you are not making these common mistakes through authentic IELTS practice exercises.

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Common Mistakes at IELTS Intermediate