Cambridge English IELTS Life Skills A1 +CD English IELTS Book
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  • Date : 1/1/2019
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Cambridge English IELTS Life Skills A1 Book for IELTS Exam

It consists of two main parts: IELTS Life Skills. Questions on familiar topics are asked and answered in the first part of the test. 
Listening and speaking tasks are combined in the second part. On the CD, you'll hear a task. By completing the task, you will demonstrate your ability to listen for both the general meaning and details. As you listen to the CD, you can make notes on paper as you answer the questions. After listening to the CD, we will have an interactive discussion of a similar theme. 

You will be assessed on your ability in four key areas:

  • obtaining information
  • conveying information
  • speaking to communicate
  • engaging in discussion.

It will sometimes be permitted for you to take notes while taking the test. Only your skills as a speaker and listener will be assessed by the examiner.

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Cambridge English IELTS Life Skills A1+CD