IF IT BLEEDS by Stephen King
  • Date : 11/25/2022
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 IF IT BLEEDS by Stephen King


Holly Gibney of the recruitment agency Finders Keepers watched footage of the horrific school bombing on TV. He noticed something unusual about the reporter. This is part of If It Bleeds, Stephen King's latest work, consisting of four stories. While these stories are not sequels, they do share many commonalities that make them beautiful and meaningful together.

Summary If it bleeds

The first storyteller was a man named Craig, who was 25 when he started talking about his relationship with Mr. Harrigan. He was always a little ahead of his time and at the age of nine, he was asked to sing in church.

When Mr. Harrigan saw her reading, he went to her house and asked her to hire him to read to her several times a week. Craig's father agrees and Craig begins his work. Harrigan is a very rich billionaire and owner of large corporations and is one of the powerhouses of the stock market. He is now retired and moved to a small town in Maine to live in peace and without technology. Mr. Harrigan gives Craig a gift card with a lottery ticket inside every holiday.

When Craig was eleven years old, he won a $3,000 prize. He decided to buy an iPhone to thank Mr. Harrigan. At first, Mr. Harrigan rejected the idea of ​​a phone because he had never used the Internet before and had no interest in using it. But when he realized the capabilities of this phone, he fell in love with it. Shortly after her death, Craig tracked her down. During the funeral, Craig stuffed the phone in Mr. Harrigan's pocket. Then he noticed something unbelievable. If It Bleeds is a collection of four wonderful novels by legendary master short story writer Stephen King.

About the book If It Bleed

The stories in the series, titled "Mr. Harrigan's Phone", "Chuck's Life", "If There's Blood" and "Mouse", are published in 2020. All these stories carry the author's usual thematic style and convey surprise to the hearts and minds of the audience.

In the four stories of If It Bleeds, King has kept all the sensitivity he has always had to the phenomena around him and the evolution of the world.

He moves forward step by step with the angry world around him and the reprehensible psychological conditions of people today. Creating stories of life and death and changing them due to technology, loneliness, and helplessness of human beings who are constantly seeking to establish relationships between themselves and the world around them, while simultaneously Asking whether life can begin from the end are all ideas that These great author and master of fear and terror published in this work.

In the story of Mr. Harrigan's phone, a friendly relationship between two different generations has disastrous consequences. The Story of Chuck's Life wonderfully explores the different and contrasting sides of each person's personality In If It Bleeds, a famous and beloved character named Holly Gibby, who has appeared in the author's previous books, is confronted with new fears and events.

The Story of Rat tells the story of a writer who struggles to write and has to accept the dark side of his ambition.

The Washington Post wrote about the book:
"From the legendary storyteller and master of the short story, readers will receive an exceptional collection that demonstrates, as always, King's mastery of form and content."

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