Tales from the Cafe by Toshikazu Kawaguchi
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  • Date : 11/25/2022
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Tales from the Cafe by Toshikazu Kawaguchi


In a small alley in Tokyo, there is a cafe that has been serving customers fine coffee for over a hundred years. Local legend says that this cafe offers something else to its customers besides coffee and that is an opportunity to travel back in time. The author of the tragic novel Tales From The Cafe once again challenges readers to ask questions: "If you could time travel, what would you do?" »

End of an unfinished story:

In this novel, we go to the cafe and meet the people who work there and closely follow the life of Kazu, the cafe waiter. 
Kazoo can take customers back in time while pouring coffee. Each story in the book focuses on a customer looking for something. They all have a sad story, something they're looking for, an ending to an unfinished story. But Kazu was still there, and his life story slowly passed along with the stories of the customers. In Tales from the Cafe, as in the author's previous novels, customers arrive at the cafe after hearing the story of the time-traveling chair.

The first and most powerful story in the book involves Notaro. He is a man whose best friend died decades ago and whose daughter Gotaro was raised. Now, this girl wants to get married and has no memory of her biological father. He doesn't even know that Gotaro is not his father. Notaro's mistake has reached its peak, so he plans to record a message from his deceased friend and give it to his daughter on their wedding night. In later stories of the book, it is revealed that the chair also has the power to send people into the future, but this power is rarely used by the patrons due to time limits. time.

About The Coffee Story Book

The author of the bestseller Before the Coffee Gets Cold, this book follows four new customers hoping to travel back in time to a small Japanese coffee shop. Stories from the cafe, written in the sequel to this book, introduce readers to new faces and customers and tell the stories of people who came to the cafe to take advantage of the offer. recommend time travel and spending your life with family, friends, and lovers.

Like the author's previous book, this one is sweet, powerful, sad, and tangible and conveys the message that people have to face their past to move on in life.

We see more time-travel stories throughout history, fueled by memory, guilt, and loss. These are the laws of the world.

According to the analysis of the New York Times, the characters realize that it is okay to be happy and not to live under the burden of regret, because they are liberated by changing their perspective. The impact of reworking past events on characters and seeing things differently works like a psychiatrist's best talk therapy.

The library magazine wrote about the book:
"Kawaguchi found a unique way to time travel and inherit the power of happiness.

Booklist considers the book's resounding appeal as a lasting emotional panacea for weary souls.

This book to be published in 2021 has been rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon and 4 on Goodreads and is included in the list of best fantasy novels.

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Tales from the Cafe