Aurora Rising -The Aurora Cycle1 by Amie Kaufman
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  • Date : 10/10/2022
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Aurora Rising -The Aurora Cycle1 by Amie Kaufman

The year is 2380 and the first assignment is given to the graduates of Aurora Academy. Honors student and Gold Academy student Tyler Jones are ready to join his dream team, but he faces many challenges along the way. In the book Aurora Rising, we are faced with several characters, each of which adds to the story's appeal, such as a cocky diplomat who is very good at making fun of others, A killer who likes to shoot himself, and an alien warrior with management problems. Fury and a pilot. But those characters and even Tim Tyler aren't his big deal. His main problem is the girl Tyler rescues from the multidimensional space. Lori, trapped in a cold slumber for two centuries, is a girl who transcends time and place. But he can wage a war that will last millions of years, and Tyler's disorganized and disorganized team becomes the last hope for the entire galaxy.

Aurora Rising Book Summary

Tyler Jones trained at Aurora Academy to be an alpha or team leader. He saves Aori, the sole survivor of a mission that went wrong. When Lori wakes up, she slowly realizes that she has never been to Octavia and is now 200 years into the future. Everyone he knew and everything he cared about was long gone. He soon learns that people believe Octavia was never their mission.

Tyler's team is mainly made up of bad guys. Cal, Zilla, and Finan all do their jobs well but have a history of violence, abuse, and antisocial behavior. However, she has two super members, one is her sister Scarlett and the other is her best friend Kat.

Their first mission seems simple, providing supplies to refugees on a star called Juno, but everything goes wrong. They realize they have a hidden passenger when he gets on Tyler's ship after the battle leader leaves a message and instructs Aori on how to hide. Their planet is invaded and it is revealed that the invaders have been pursuing Aori.

Aori is important, but she doesn't know why. The memories faded and slowly returned to him. He has the ability to imagine and move objects with energy, but he doesn't know how he got them. In Aurora Rising, we see why Octavia is uninhabitable and never the destination of an Auri ship.

In part of the book Aurora Rising we read:

Zila finally has time to show them what she, Fin, and Kal have seen at Dariel's apartment. When one of the GIA agent uniforms is removed, it reveals a lifeless middle-aged woman with a tree growing out of her eye socket. Apparently, she's been dead for a while, but her body still functions in the suit. It was so crazy that Auri recognized this woman as Patrice. She was on Octavia III with Auri's father; the last time Auri heard, Patrice was her father's new girlfriend and would become Auri's mentor when she arrived.


About Aurora Rising Book

This book is a New York Times bestseller in the science fiction genre and from the bestselling author Illuminae Files results, which tells a new story. In Aurora Rising, a group of mismatched characters is held together by complex ties and fate. A girl floating in the air for over 200 years and then entering a changing world. The twist of the story and the plot of the characters are very interesting and entertaining. The worldview and alien cultures are all in one place which is a plus point of the story that makes the story feel very poignant without saying too much. It's a POV-style variety story that deals with the characters' points of view. Each character has a unique perspective on the story that contributes to the overall direction and so the reader always finds himself within the framework of the story.

Team leader Tyler, the academy's golden boy, doesn't drink, party, or be mean. He must choose first to achieve his first dream. But after saving Auri, he missed his chance.

A bit of everything is seen in this book; Adventure, action, destruction, destruction, mystery, evil plans, a potentially epic romance, and a lovely cast. Teen-friendly Aurora Rising was released in 2019 and scored 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.






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Aurora Rising -The Aurora Cycle1