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  • Date : 6/8/2022
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David Walliams Tales Packed

Stories play a very important role in the intellectual development of children and adolescents. The books children read and the characters they meet in the stories make them a useful resource for enhancing their skills and succeeding in life. But you should always look for stories that not only entertain children but also teach them life lessons. A whole world of adventurous kids is portrayed in David Walliams's Captivating Stories collection Illustrated. There are tutorial stories with great pictures and colors from best-selling author David Williams in this collection. This author's picture books are a favorite with children of all ages. His short stories are perfect for ages 5 and up and his novels are perfect for ages 8 and up. This pack offers 11 volumes of his manga for those who are interested, and we will introduce each volume separately below.

About the Monsters of Buckingham Palace (2022)

The kingdom is shrouded in darkness, but the Beast of Buckingham Palace comes with a great story and a mix of myth and legend from a young boy. to save the world. Prince Alfred is always safe at Buckingham Palace. But strange things happen inside the castle walls and Alfred's life is changed forever. During the night, there was a terrible sound of walking in the hallway. When the Queen, Alfred's beloved mother, is dragged to the Tower of London, he must muster up his courage to save her and the world.

About Fing Book (2021)

Fing (The Furry Monster) is a funny yet hilarious story. Myrtle's parents want their daughter to live happily ever after. Because of this, they do everything they can to make their lovely daughter happy, but Myrtle is an extravagant girl and is not satisfied with her parents' efforts. He tells them to find a happy ending, which is a mission that brings them a lot of trouble.

About Ice Monsters (2020)

Ever wondered what heroes look like? Courage is determined by appearance and size? Everyone can be a hero or is there a criterion for being a hero? When news of the lawyer's discovery of the mysterious monster reached Alcy, she did her best to find out. This leads him to a great adventure. It crosses the busy streets of London to reach the North Pole. Ice Monster is the story of the friendship between a ten-year-old orphan and a ten-thousand-year-old mammoth.

About Demon Dentist Book (2020)

Demon Dentist Book is one of the best and most interesting novels for children and teenagers. The book tells the story of a naughty woman, a woman who disguises herself as a dentist to achieve her evil purposes. The name of the main character of the story is Alfred, he came to this evil woman because her teeth were decayed and damaged. It changed a lot of things about him. For example, instead of being cowardly and conservative as usual, he becomes brave and goes to war with the accursed dentist. It remains to be seen what will happen in a city where all the children of the city are earning money for baby teeth, spiders, and scary things instead of taking coins from the angels.

About The Midnight Gang (2019) 

Who are the midnight gang and what do they do? In this book, we read about some sick children who are in their early teens. This group of midnights is looking for adventure and each of them is a hero in his way. Tom has just been admitted to the hospital and when he learns of the mystery and the midnight gang, he decides to join them. This group works together, humanity and friendship are of special importance to them, and love and affection are a priority. What will the end of the night work and their adventures be like? 

About Grandpa's Great Escape (2018) 

Jack's grandfather was an Air Force pilot for many years. During World War II, he flew firefighting planes. The history of Grandpa's Great Escape goes back to 1983, when the Internet, mobile phones, and computer games were not yet available for entertainment. In 1983, Jack's grandfather grew old and lost his memory. Jack's parents placed his grandfather in a nursing home, despite many objections. Unable to bear his grandfather's absence, Jack goes to a retirement home and discovers strange things. 

About Scary Aunt (2014)

Scary Aunt's Book is the story of a girl named Stella and her creepy and quirky aunt, Aunt Alberta. Stella has been living in a sex mansion since she can remember, and now the naughty aunt wants to execute a plan to take the mansion out of Stella's clutches and take it over herself. Stella initially thinks that Aunt Alberta's actions are to help and protect her, but quickly realizes that her aunt is up to evil plans. That's not all, as Stella finds a strange friend; The spirit of the clean pipe boy who formerly worked in the mansion. In addition to presenting a compelling and novel story, Awful Auntie takes the reader into the world of a disenfranchised child and introduces them to the complicated world of Stella. 

About Rat Burger (2014)

Zoe is in a lot of trouble. Her mother-in-law is very lazy. While even changing the TV channel is also called the angle. Tina,  is a naughty kid at school.

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David Walliams Tales Packed