Cambridge IELTS Common Mistakes For Bands 6.0-7.0
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  • Date : 6/1/2022
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Cambridge IELTS Common Mistakes For Bands 6.0-7.0

Errors in testing are always inevitable and can be said to exist for everyone. Even those who prepare perfectly for the exam can make mistakes. But for the IELTS test, scores are especially important and one small mistake can ruin the whole program. IELTS candidates must master all four basic skills: writing, speaking, listening, and reading. Having a helpful resource like IELTS Common Mistakes for Bands can help prevent common mistakes in the IELTS test and maximize its performance. 

Rich Sources to Avoid Common IELTS Mistakes: An Overview of Common IELTS  Mistakes for Bands 6.07.0 

 The first step in selecting IELTS sources is to determine the test type  (general or academic). The IELTS General test is designed for people who want to immigrate to English-speaking countries such as the UK and Australia. IELTS Academic is also for those who intend to continue their studies to undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies. 


IELTS Common Mistakes for Bands 6.07.0 is practical and useful for both test types, highlighting the real mistakes that IELTS test takers make and showing how to avoid them. This valuable resource is great for those looking to score 6-7. In each lesson, a key problem is solved and test exercises are displayed with specific explanations on how to use English to achieve the desired score. Learners can also test what they learn with regular tests. The book contains a variety of exercises and is used in a variety of ways to review the material being taught. After answering the exercises, you can compare your answer with the correct one by referring to the end of the book. The author of the book, with over 12 years of ELT experience, has provided a rich resource for language learners to help avoid practice errors in the IELTS test. 

What does IELTS Common Mistakes for Bands 6.07.0 teach? 

The book IELTS Common Mistakes for Bands 6.07.0  is based on the analysis of thousands of  IELTS test takers and identifies common errors on 64 pages. Sometimes these mistakes are unavoidable and can happen to anyone. Each lesson begins with a question and then advice. At the end of the descriptive text, there is a practice section to test understanding. After completing each lesson, there is a section called Test and it is offered to learners as a two-page quiz. So, if your goal is to score 6-7 on the IELTS test, don't miss this valuable book.

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Cambridge IELTS Common Mistakes For Bands 6.0-7.0