The Practice-Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin
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  • Date : 3/15/2022
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The Practice-Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin

From the bestselling author of Linchpin, Tribes, and The Dip, comes a lovely little book that will inspire artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to rise and commit to bringing their best work into the world. Creative work is not guaranteed. But there is a pattern for who succeeds and who doesn't. And engaging inconsistent practice in its pursuit is the best way to go. Based on the groundbreaking Akimbo workshop started by legendary author Seth Godin, The Practice will help you unlock and find the courage to create and share creative work. Godin asserts that writer's block is a myth, that consistency is far more important than authenticity, and that impostor syndrome is a sign that you are a well-adjusted human being. Above all, it shows you what it takes to turn your passion from a private distraction into a productive contribution,  one you're always looking to share. 

With this book as your guide, you will learn to dance with your fear. To take the risks worth it. And embrace the empathy needed to make contributions authentic and fun.

The bestselling author of  Tribes, Linchpin, and The Dip presents a stunning book that inspires artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to strive and commit to doing their best for the world. With hands-on instruction, you'll learn how to overcome fear in business and life, take worthwhile risks, and gain the empathy needed to build something that makes it unique. and happy. Set Godin's life revolved around forgiveness. "Have I gained the confidence to take on another generous project that I'm proud of?" "If so, I have to do it again," he wrote. Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Rozankash wrote of the book: “This is the book we need right now and it's a wonderful, invigorating call to writers, artists, and writers alike. ideas from all walks of life. "I re-read parts of the book and felt that my latent idea had been explained to me in words I hadn't figured out yet." 
Steven Pressfield, the author of The War of Art, writes: “This book is a practical, alchemical guide to pursuing your dreams. According to Brian Koppelman, executive producer of the Billionaire series, you should read the book and let go of yourself. It's a way to be creative.  "This book explains that what is presented as a barrier is a catalyst in disguise," says musician Peter Gabriel.  The Motivational Practice book was published in 2020 and received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 from Amazon and 4.1 from Goodreads. This book, which shows that limits also lead to success, is recommended for anyone who wants to progress in their work and their life.

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The Practice-Shipping Creative Work