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  • Date : 3/7/2022
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Unlock IELTS Life Skills+CD

IELTS stands for Worldwide English Language Testing System, it is one of the most prestigious exams in the world, and many graduates have strived for the highest scores in this exam. Many language learners today are trying to improve their listening skills and learn the skills needed to better understand conversations and conversations. Mojtaba Khodadadi's book Unlocking IELTS Life Skills is one of the best resources available for building listening and speaking skills. This book provides an easy-to-understand way to improve learners' listening and speaking skills and prepare for the IELTS exam. 

A rich source of practical advice to improve speaking and listening skills in the book Unlocking IELTS Life Skills 

The IELTS Unlocked Life Skills book tests are designed for three groups; The first group, A1, consists of people whose family lives in the UK and wants to join them. The second group, A2, are those who have a resident visa and want to extend it, and the third group, B1, are those who want to immigrate and become British citizens forever. It should be noted that you are not alone at the time of taking the test and there is another candidate present at the same time who is your partner and you take the test together.  One of the features that make this book valuable is that it also contains a large number of listening and grammar tests. These tests improve people's speaking skills. Plus, it provides a great strategy for volunteers to see their progress at all stages. The score on this test is 0-9 and this book is used to achieve UK visa requirements. 

The IELTS Unlocked Life Skills book has four practice tests with answers for the main exam and includes a large number of sample speaking and interactive exercises. The exercises in this book reflect life experiences in English-speaking countries.


This book is published by Cambridge Publications. 

What does the Unlock IELTS Life Skills book teach?  In the first part, personal questions are posed to the volunteers, such as where do you live? What's your hobby? How do you use your free time and... In the second part, the audience's listening skills are assessed. In this section, questions are provided to the audience, and then they play an audio file to answer questions based on that file. In the final part, they confront two audience members and ask them to discuss a topic based on the assigned topic. In this section, they must ask good questions and answer them promptly. 
Unlock Life Skills What is IELTS? The Unlock IELTS Life Skills book comes with a CD that impacts language learning, teaches the audio parts of the book with correct language pronunciation, and improves the audience's listening skills.

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Unlock IELTS Life Skills+CD