Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary Up To Band 6.0 ​​​​​​​
Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary Up To Band 6.0 ​​​​​​​ 3 0
  • Date : 3/7/2022
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Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary Up To Band 6.0

Finding an effective source for the IELTS test is not easy; Because each book has its pedagogical style and not all sources are reliable. But for a long time, Cambridge Publishing has been publishing great books on many different language areas, with Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary being one of the best vocabulary resources for IELTS. This educational resource is a treasure trove of English vocabulary that learners can safely count on to pass academic and general exams. 

Introduction to the Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary Book (up to band 6.0) 

Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary is slightly different from its predecessor and is suitable for candidates who want to score 6 or above on the IELTS test. This book was originally a new version of the Cambridge IELTS vocabulary set (for band 6.5 and up), which was published with minor differences. This book, which includes both general and academic exams, emphasizes vocabulary and provides all the vocabulary language learners require, and prepares them to score above 6. This guide provides important tips for learning vocabulary. In this way, IELTS learners and candidates learn these points by reading the text and listening to the audio files. One of the outstanding advantages of this book over other international books is that it examines the common mistakes of foreign language learners and focuses on them so that candidates can find their weak points. This book contains many exercises for volunteers. For all of these exercises, there is an answer sheet at the end of the book that identifies learners' strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, it can be used as a guide. 

Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary Book Accessories (up to band 6.0) 

This book comes with a CD to provide candidates with some exercises and audio content to strengthen listening skills and become familiar with the correct pronunciation of words.

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Cambridge IELTS Vocabulary Up To Band 6.0 ​​​​​​​