Effortless: Make It Easy to Get the Right Things Done by Greg McKeown
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  • Date : 2/12/2022
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Effortless: Make It Easy to Get the Right Things Done by Greg McKeown

Effortless by Greg McKeown is a non-fiction book on success and business, to be published in 2021. The book is considered one of the  New York Times bestsellers, voted a book by the magazine. the best book of the year in 2020. The main idea of ​​the book is that not everything is as difficult and demanding as we make it difficult. In his previous book, Greg McConnell presented a method called fundamentalism so that we can find the things we need most and focus on them to feel satisfied and productive, but he found that his readers were challenged to practice the ideas of fundamentalism. McConnie realized that the artificial duality of modern life today always poses important and difficult tasks instead of simple and trivial ones. As he explains in his book, it makes advanced tasks difficult and simplifies important and necessary tasks. In The Book of Neglect, McKeon presents strategies for using it to perform essential tasks like drinking water. For example, he urges readers to avoid problems before they arise, to give up idealism, and to dare to do bad things. 
 Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human, praises the book for neglect: “If you waste your energy on little things and struggle with big things, she is your savior. This book, with its simple text and great stories, shows how to make the most essential things easier for ourselves. "In a world where everyone is always tired and worn out, reading Greg McCaw`s book is essential." 
 Deep Work, an author of Newport, writes of the book: "We have been taught that the more important a task is, the harder it must be to do it, and this leads to exhaustion and fatigue. "In this book, Greg changes equations and says that the more important something is to us, the easier it is for us to reach out and do it." 


About Greg McConnell, author of Effortless

Greg McKeon, born in 1977, is an English author, speaker, and business strategist who has published several bestselling books on business and success. McKeon received his MBA from Stanford University after studying journalism at Birgham University. In addition to writing, he is the founder and CEO of McConnell, a strategy and leadership design company. Before founding the company, McKeon also worked for a large business consulting firm. McKeon, author of the best-selling books on success, lectures on a disciplined lifestyle. He has appeared on many TV and radio shows and also participates in the annual innovation conference. Greg McKeun, an innovator, has advised on several major government projects, such as the growing African Agricultural Development Project. McConnell has bestsellers in his category, including Generalism, Multiplier, and Zero Effort.

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Effortless: Make It Easy to Get the Right Things Done