Win At Work Succeed At Life by Megan Hyatt Miller
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  • Date : 1/15/2022
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Win At Work Succeed At Life by Megan Hyatt Miller

Those who lead well are passionate about winning. However, successful careers can come at a cost to your well-being, relationships, and health. Is it possible to win at work and at the same time succeed in life?

Hyatt and Miller know more to do through the last 40 years of leadership and husband and father experience. Michael's daughter, Megan Hyatt Miller, is training leaders to live a one-on-two life today. The Win at Work and Succeed at Life manifests are supported by academic research from organizational psychology and business, as well as case studies from a variety of businesses and their coaching clients. This manifest describes how to achieve work-life balance and regain sanity.

Winning at work and succeeding in life combine clarity, humor, and a lot of motivation.

Understanding the historical and cultural forces that contributed to the revision

Overwork: Five Principles for Rethinking Work and Productivity from scratch

 Say no to simple but best practices that allow you to slow down your life and get it back, and far more

 wrong career and family choices. You can make twice as much profit in your life.

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Win At Work Succeed At Life