The Moth Presents Occasional Magic by Catherine Burns
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  • Date : 1/3/2022
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The Moth Presents Occasional Magic by Catherine Burns

New York Times Best-selling Storytelling Phenomenon and Hit Podcasts From  The Moth-Contributions from MegWolitzer, Adam Gopnik, Krista Tippett, Andrew Solomon, Roseanne Cash, Ophira Eisenberg, WangPing and more-Confronting the Impossible New Collection of Unforgettable True Stories about Discovery Power, from the best told on that stage, stories, carefully selected by the creative mind of the storytelling phenomenon, tuned to the moths and sides of the story told live on and off the stage. Keeping Raw Energy Note, Occasional Magic provides a familiar new voice. Inside, the moment storytellers around the world find moments of beauty, wonder, and clarity that help them illuminate their lives and find ways to move forward when faced with seemingly impossible situations. Sharing.

 From the 15-year-old who saved his life in Chicago to the 90-year-old Russian who remembered his encounter with KGB, the mother of Triplet who emigrated to the Arctic, these storytellers have a variety of human experiences and a common thread. Connect all of us. Honest and humorous, they stare at fear, accept anxiety, and encourage us all to be more authentic, vulnerable, and alive.

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The Moth Presents Occasional Magic