Ted Talk For IELTS+CD by Farzad Habibnejad
Ted Talk For IELTS+CD 4 2
  • Date : 11/18/2021
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Ted Talk For IELTS+CD by Farzad Habibnejad

IELTS Speaking tests are subject-oriented tests, so participants should have access to a variety of topics. This makes TED a rich source for ideas to flourish, as TED is a global community for people of all cultures seeking a deeper understanding of the world. In addition to reinforcing and expanding big ideas, TED strives to create a platform for thought leaders and educators. To help people around the world understand the world's biggest issues and build a better future. The main objective is belief in the power of powerful ideas to change the world.

With TED Talks for IELTS, you'll be exposed to the most common and important IELTS test topics that may appear on test day. This book provides TED lectures for B2+ level learners. There is a complete list of new and useful words with definitions and examples in the Before Watching section. While watching the video, learners' listening skills are strengthened, and the exercises should be practiced while speaking. As learners learn the collocations used by the speaker after watching, their vocabulary grows.

How does TED Talks for IELTS help students?

Each of the 11 episodes in TED Talks for IELTS covers one of the most important topics in IELTS. A short description of the speaker is included at the beginning of each episode. This first episode discusses communication and culture. A second episode focuses on science. As for the next section, we will talk about climate change and the surrounding environment. The third episode will focus on law and the judicial system. Section five will discuss education. Episode six discusses global food issues. In the next episode, we will talk about teaching judicial law, and in the seventh episode, we will talk about health and education. 

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Ted Talk For IELTS+CD