Heresy-Assassins Creed by Christie Golden
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  • Date : 10/20/2021
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Heresy-Assassins Creed by Christie Golden

Only those who are thirsty for it can reach absolute consciousness, i.e. those who have no fear are capable of ruling through wisdom; since they are the only ones who can reach absolute consciousness.

He accepts with impartiality and calmness his new role as head of the Historical Research Department of the Abstergo Industry, one of the Knights Templar's inner solitudes. Simon has an insatiable curiosity about his undistorted and untouched past which he is very eager to learn about through his ancestor Gabriel Laxart. The legendary knight Laxart fought selflessly alongside the legendary John. In entering the newly established city of Animos to begin the project, Simon does not expect what he finds and he is filled with many questions. Among the mysteries is how deep and fundamental the difference between the Knights Templar and the Assyrians really is, and what Gabriel does for the woman he loves and respects. Truthfully, however, the most dangerous question is whether a person is truly an apostate or a true believer. One part of the story shows the last master of the Knights' Church entering the temple and telling Pastolite to sacrifice himself and to be as humble as dust and as motionless as stone. He placed his face and spread his arms in a cross on the rock while lowering his lollipop.

In 2016, Christie Golden published the novel Heresy Apostasy. Assassin's Creed novelist Christie wrote a novel that won the 2017 Scribe Award for her story set in Assassin's Creed world. In Heresy, the story revolves around the conflicts of the Knights Templar in the science fiction genre of the Assassin's Creed series. Throughout this novel, Simon Hathaway discovers secrets about his grandfather's struggle by reliving memories of the past, and these secrets can have dangerous effects on him and disrupt the order of the knights.

There is tremendous potential in this novel in a written fantasy setting and an amazing entrance into the world of Assassin's Creed. With this potential, the world can be described in unpredictable ways. Readers are left with vital questions after reading Heresy, which is a shocking and emotional story. Questions such as which group fights for the truth and rights of humanity; the foundations or knights of the temple. After reading this novel you will be eager to read the other parts of this collection, so you don't have to have read the previous parts to enjoy it.

Apostasy managed to achieve a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon and was one of the site's most popular books. This valuable book should be on your reading list if you're looking for an exciting novel that combines imagination and reality.

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Heresy-Assassins Creed