Exactly What to Say by Phil M Jones
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  • Date : 8/22/2021
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Exactly What to Say by Phil M Jones


Customer decision-making depends on your ability to know when to say what and how to say it. Often, your words are the difference between the customer choosing you over someone else. Since 1996, Phil M. Jones has trained over two million people in spoken communication across five continents and fifty countries. The author shares the tactics you need to get more of what you want in Exactly What to Say.

The internationally acclaimed author and award-winning sales trainer Phil M. Jones is highly regarded in the field of sales training. 


The book covers a variety of big moments in life as well as business situations. A person's ability to influence others is a universal skill, no matter what the purpose is: gaining a job, closing the sale, or helping a friend, or loved one see things from another perspective.

Shark Tank is an ABC hit television show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to millionaire investors. When the camera rolls, the lights are on, and the entrepreneurs have the spotlight focused on them, every single word matters.

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