The Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden
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  • Date : 6/10/2021
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The Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden

If superstars in their fields were born with better skills than the rest of us, it's comforting to imagine that they were just born that way. Co-workers who lose 20 pounds or friends who run marathons while completing a challenging project at work tend to be portrayed as having more willpower, more grit, and most importantly, more motivation to get their results.

Jeff Haden proves that this isn't actually true in his column. We know motivation is a myth. At the beginning of any major change, motivation isn't necessary. Motives are the result of processes, not causes. When you understand this, your approach to obstacles or bigger goals will change.

In re-framing the relationship between motivation and success, Haden explains how the core of motivation is derived. The author meets us where we are - starting a big project or goal in our lives and unsure of our direction, sour from self-help books and unsuccessful self-help strategies - and offers us practical advice that will get anyone started and stop stalling.

Hanen aims to make accomplishments clear and repeatable by exposing the myth that success is about inspiration or some sort of spiritual awakening, as adherents of The Secret believe. Haden's recommendation has led to 2 million people reading his posts each month, a 107-mile mountain bike race, and a 10-pound weight loss in a month.

People who understand the true nature of motivation can achieve success, no matter how qualified they are. He will help you take your life beyond average and make lasting changes.

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The Motivation Myth