The Secret Commonwealth  by Philip Pullman
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  • Date : 5/9/2020
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The Secret Commonwealth  by Philip Pullman 

The windows between the numerous universes have been fixed, and the pivotal enterprises of Lyra Silvertongue’s youth are long behind her - or so she thought. Lyra is presently a 20-year-old undergrad at St. Sophia’s College, and interest is twirling around her once more. Her daemon, Pantalaimon, is witness to a brutal kill, and the biting the dust man endows them with privileged insights that carry echoes from their past. The more Lyra is drawn into these riddles, the less she is beyond any doubt of. Indeed the occasions of her possess past come into address when she learns of Malcolm Polstead’s part in bringing her to Jordan College. Now, Lyra and Malcolm will travel distant past the limits of Oxford, over Europe and into the Levant, looking for a city frequented by daemons, and a forsake said to hold the truth of Tidy. The threats they confront will challenge everything they thought they knew approximately the world, and around themselves.

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The Secret Commonwealth