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  • Date : 3/4/2020
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Never Be Sick Again by  Raymond Francis, Kester Cotton

One day Raymond Francis, a chemist and a graduate of MIT, found himself in a healing center, engaging for his life. The determination: intense chemical hepatitis, persistent weariness, different chemical sensitivities, and a few immune system disorders, causing him to endure weariness, discombobulation, impeded memory, heart palpitations, loose bowels, deadness, seizures and various other sicknesses. Knowing passing was up and coming unless he took activity, Francis chosen to inquire about arrangements for his infection himself. His discoveries and inevitable recuperation driven him to conclude that nearly all malady can be both anticipated and reversed. Giving a fundamental understanding of wellbeing and illness, this book takes the secret out of infection. It gives perusers, no matter what their display physical condition, a all encompassing approach to living that will enable them to urge well — and remain well.

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Never Be Sick Again