Oxford Word Skills 2nd Edition Elementary by Ruth Gairns, Stuart Redman
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  • Date : 3/6/2021
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Oxford Word Skills 2nd Edition Elementary by Ruth Gairns, Stuart Redman

A three-level topic-based vocabulary course, with an exceedingly practical approach, to memorize and practice the vocabulary required in order to communicate on a subject or in a situation. This new edition offers a comprehensive scope of the words that students need to know at each CEFR level, based on the new Oxford 3000™ and 5000™, and backed by the Oxford Progressed Learner’s Dictionary 10th Ed. app. The series can be utilized for independent study or within the classroom alongside a common coursebook.

Consistent focus on the foremost valuable words and expressions at each CEFR level‐based on recently compiled Oxford 3000™ and 5000™. Contextualized practice within the book gives a broader understanding. Each unit introduces and practices, in context, the words, expressions, and lexical linguistic use for talking about a clearly-defined theme or functional situation. Units are basic and clear. Each one sets a clear ‘I can …’ learning objective so understudies can see precisely what they will be able to do and why. Bundled with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app, outlined for learners to utilize with the pronunciation exercises in the books, and look up new words. Ideal for both the classroom and self-study. Most units can be utilized in any arrange and each subject is adequately brief for students to total in one session. The ‘About you’ segment is culminating for homework and for discussion in class.

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Oxford Word Skills 2nd Edition Elementary